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Breakouts are difficult to get rid of, and even when you finally do, they can leave behind dark acne scars that diminish your confidence. If you’re tired of covering up your acne scars, the Total Patient Care LLC team can help at their office in Brick, New Jersey. Total Patient Care LLC and Skin First offers a variety of effective topical treatments and laser therapy options to brighten your skin and minimize the appearance of acne scars. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more.

Acne Scars Q & A

What are acne scars?

Acne is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the hair follicles in your skin become clogged with sebum (oil) and dead skin cells. This can lead to large, painful, cystic bumps or small whiteheads clogged up with debris. 

In many cases, acne heals on its own and disappears entirely within a week or two. Unfortunately, even after your acne heals, it can leave behind a scar that takes much longer to fade. 

Are there different types of acne scars?

Many acne scars look like flat red or purple lesions, but others form deep pockmarks that can alter the texture of your skin. There are two primary types of acne scars:

Keloid scarring

When acne heals, your body can create an overproduction of collagen, causing slightly raised, discolored scars on the skin.

Depressed scarring

There are two types of depressed scars: icepick and boxcar scars. Icepick scars look like small holes in the skin, while boxcar scars are slightly depressed, round, or oval lesions.

What causes acne scars?

Acne scars typically develop when your pores swell from severely inflamed acne. This happens when bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells become trapped beneath the skin. As the pore expands, the follicle wall can break, leading to skin damage. 

Once the follicle wall breaks, the infected material inside the pimple or cyst can spill out and deepen the original lesion. Your skin naturally repairs itself during the healing process by creating new collagen fibers, but the damage may be too severe to fully recover.

How do doctors treat acne scars?

The team at Total Patient Care LLC offers various treatments to minimize the appearance of acne scars. They use the finest topical dermatologic products, including Avène®, Rodan + Fields®, and Glytone®, to fade scars over time.

Along with topical creams and serums, the team uses the Cynosure® Icon™ 1540 and MaxG™ to break up the pigmentation and smooth out the skin in both keloid and depressed acne scars. The Cynosure Icon is a multi-platform system that targets pigmented lesions without damaging the surface layer of your skin. 

Laser therapy can significantly improve the tone and texture of your skin while reducing the appearance of acne scars. To schedule an appointment with the team, call Total Patient Care LLC or book a visit online now.

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